Rhiannon Johnston is a visual journalist from Louisville, Kentucky. She is currently pursuing a double major in Visual Journalism and Photojournalism as well as Advertising at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

She thrives on moments especially, those that capture special dichotomies in everyday life. The ideas of the old vs. the new and urban vs. rural intrigue her and make her passionate about what she does. Growing up in Louisville, Rhiannon was surrounded by constant movement and change living right next to Bardstown Road in the Highlands area. However, after moving to Bowling Green, activity slowed down, and she was forced to re-examine why she takes photos. Now, Rhiannon is becoming accustomed to the strong sense of connection between rural communities and the importance they have on the world landscape.

Rhiannon is currently employed as the video editor for Cherry Creative, WKU’s Branded Content Studio, as well as a photographer for the Talisman Magazine at Western Kentucky University and is available for freelance work.

+1 (502) 751-6767

Photo courtesy of Sean McInnis

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