Laura Bratcher, a 45-year-old single mother from Bowling Green, Kentucky, engages in playtime with her daughter Piper Leonard in their backyard on a Sunday evening. Piper, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, finds joy in constant movement, particularly enjoying outdoor play and swinging on her swing set with her mother. Bratcher, a Longhorn Steakhouse server in Bowling Green for 21 years, typically works morning shifts, allowing her afternoons to be dedicated to her daughter.
Saul Villavicencio-Sanchez, 23, participates in a kickboxing session with coach Josh Biggs at Fuel Fortress Fitness Center in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Originally from Mexico, Villavicencio-Sanchez now resides in Bowling Green and has been practicing kickboxing for 1.5 years. "I love kickboxing because of the community you get to build and the confidence it gives you not just in the gym but in life; it challenges me to do things that scare me," says Villavicencio-Sanchez.
Queen Rita Room, a drag queen from Bowling Green, prepares for her role in the comfort of her dressing room. Each Wednesday night, Rita Room takes on the role of host of Drag Bingo at Landon’s Sugar Shack Bar and Restaurant. Her transformation begins at approximately 5 p.m. as she meticulously applies concealer before progressing to using masking tape to precisely apply eyeliner. After completing her makeup routine, Rita Room rounds off her look with a distinctive outfit and wig.
Around 11 pm, Meredith Moser (middle) and Reagan Sosnowski (right) help Morgan Montgomery (left) add the finishing touches to her Saturday night makeup look before heading off-campus to a fraternity event. Running back and forth between different friends’ Minton Hall dorm rooms, the girls enjoy getting ready as a group helping each other by holding up lights and doing each other’s makeup.
Stephanie Sass, sleds down the snowy hill by Van Meter Hall in Bowling Green, Kentucky Monday morning. Sass recently graduated with a Music Education degree from WKU but still lives in Bowling Green and enjoys the days when she gets to go out and enjoy the snowy weather.
Morning traffic zooms down Rich Pond Road early Monday morning in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This narrow back road experiences some traffic in the mornings. From school buses taking kids to South Warren High School to semi-trucks taking the back road to hop on to the highway to begin their loads, it is a bustling road.
Creste Jean, the Equine Manager, attempts to unfreeze the drinking water on the fields of the WKU Farm fields Sunday night. "We're lucky to have connections in the industry who donate great horses," says Jean.
On Saturday, September 24, the SOKY Fairgrounds in Bowling Green, Kentucky, hosted the Monster Truck Nitro Tour. The event showcased massive 10,000-pound monsters engaged in racing and wheelie contests. Randy Barton, the driver and owner of the Volkswagen Beetle monster truck known as Bugzilla, navigated the outdoor dirt course during the monster truck wheelie contest. Barton, who invested nearly a decade in perfecting his truck, reflected on the challenges, stating, "Probably thought about quitting on it and getting rid of it at least 100 times or more...thankfully I have good friends and family that helped me, pushed me, stood behind me, and continue to help when I need it!"
Zechariah Nelson, a 20-year-old fabricator at Providence Homes and a custom bladesmith from Bowling Green, Kentucky works using a grinder, he is careful to hold it in a way that ensures the sparks fly away from his face. Nelson began bladesmithing at a young age. “When I got older, I didn’t like store-bought knives,” Zechariah said. “So by the time I was 12, I was building my own.”
Closed since July 27 due to a discovered problem with a bridge bearing, engineers from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet and the Indiana Department of Transportation have finalized emergency repair plans for the Sherman Minton Bridge in Louisville, Kentucky. They aim to reopen it before Monday's morning rush hour on August 7. The repair plan focuses on restoring traffic capacity with specific lane allocations on both the upper and lower decks.
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