Sarah Woodson is a graphic design major at Western Kentucky University.
Joey Hernandez, a first responder with the Bowling Green Fire Department (BGFD) in Bowling Green, Kentucky, graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in Recreational Services. Initially pursuing a career as a Domestic Engineer, Hernandez felt unfulfilled until he discovered his calling with the BGFD. Hernandez has served as a first responder for 5 years. "Being provided the opportunities to hone my professional skills through training, education, and camaraderie so that I may better serve the wonderful city of Bowling Green," Hernandez said, expressing his favorite aspect of working with the BGFD. Outside of his duties, Hernandez enjoys fishing with his two sons or treating his wife to lunch dates.
Libby Simpson is a freshman in the Journalism program at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Simpson loves all things fashion and loves to experiment with texture and color.
Gabe Hughes, is a Junior pursuing a Graphic Design degree at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, Kentucky. When he is not in school Hughes spends his time working on crochet projects. He enjoys crocheting colorful tops, skirts, bonnets, and other accessories..
WKU grad Lexi Kelly sleds with friends at Van Meter Hall in Bowling Green, Kentucky, enjoying Monday's 2 inches of snow. After a tumble off her sled, Kelly was covered head to toe in snow. The outside temperature that day was just 14 degrees Fahrenheit but that didn’t stop students from getting out and enjoying the snowy weather.
Formerly terrified of snakes, Presley-Paige Borden’s fear completely disappeared when she met Luna, a 4-foot ball python estimated to be 2-3 years old. 'She broke my fear of snakes,' Borden said, recalling the moment she saw her. Luna, a surrendered snake at Pet Central where Presley works, quickly became her best friend and first big snake. 'I put her on hold as soon as my fiancé said I could bring her home,' Presley said. Now inseparable, Luna's cuddles and laid-back demeanor bring Presley joy every day. Luna's favorite spot to hang out is around people's necks and faces, where she enjoys giving light, little kisses. After just six months together, Luna and Borden are inseparable, “She helped me get past a barrier that I didn’t even think I could step through,” Borden said.
Craig Howell, from Takoma Park, Md., has been an Adventuring member since 1985 and a DMV resident since birth. He led his first trip in 1987. Despite arthritis, Howell has hiked all 529 miles of trails in Shenandoah. (Photographed for the Chesapeake Bay Program)
Mandala Gupta-Verweibe sprays a water hose on a hot summer day during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic. After being quarantined for months, unable to attend her neighborhood pool in Louisville, Kentucky, Gupta- Verweibe decided that her backyard hose would do the trick when she needed to cool off. “It’s still fun with the hose, I don’t have to go anywhere,” said Gupta- Verweibe.
Loren O’Conner waits to check IDs of patrons at Dublin’s Irish Pub. O’Conner is the main “door guy” at Dublin’s and the first face people see when they walk in the door. He takes great pride in being part of the bar and keeping the people inside of it safe.
Ellie Sandlin, a junior journalism major at Western Kentucky University is pursuing a career in music as well as journalism. She enjoys playing the guitar and creating hew own songs to play and perform. “Music is a gateway to ever subconscious memory and emotion. When I put my hands on an instrument, it all comes back to me,” said Sandlin.
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